Current Programs

Qualifying Programs

Qualifies individuals seeking to join the Hospitality & Tourism Industry by training them on the mindset & skills needed to join the workforce in the Kingdom.

Majid Society for Development & Social Services and Swiss Hospitality Academy offer a youth empowerment program that provides training programs with international standards in several areas from front offices, tourist guides, event management and organization, hospitality and hotel, coffee preparation and serving (barista)

ending with employment in order to create sustainable job opportunities for Saudi youth

Youth Empowerment Initiative 

Intensive accelerator programs specially designed to train and develop unqualified individuals with high potential to enter the workforce at an entry-level in a record-time.

Designed smartly which focuses on four main elements that are; mindset, knowledge-set, skillset, and toolset as well as having a unique integrated methodology that combines theoretical and practical.

STTAR Accelerator Program
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Development  Programs

Develops Industry professionals by equipping them with the latest industry best practice & certifications needed to excel in their career.

The program targets all decision makers in different hospitality & service fields including hotels, restaurants, cafe's, hospitals, banks and others..


During the interactive workshop, participants will learn how to improve their different users' experience using empathy maps, innovative design methods, industry best practice, and different case studies.

Design Thinking in the Hospitality Industry

Experience & learn the exquisite art of dining etiquette. Participants will acquire skills in the practice of the British, French, and American modern table manners with a focus on the French table manners. 

The participants are provided tips they can apply anywhere in the world where the forks & knives are dominant.

Dining Etiquette 

If you are interested in the event organizing industry and would like to know and learn the basics and keys to implementing events, we offer an event management and organization program that will contribute to developing those interested in professionals in organizing an ideal event. 

Events Planning

In line with Vision 2030, and in view of the aspirations of Saudi youth to join vital sectors characterized by long-term career paths, 

Swiss Hospitality Academy is pleased to hold a workshop designed to keep pace with the needs of the Employment parties and to reflect the mental and skills required while applying for jobs in the tourism and hospitality sector

Labor Market Requirements in the Hospitality Industry