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Swiss Hospitality Academy is a professional training and development Academy on a mission to upgrade the Hospitality service quality in Saudi Arabia.


Founded in 2019 to develop managers, executives and career climbers with hands-on industry-recognized programs, interpersonal skills to gain fine hospitality experience designed by experts and practitioners in the field of Human Capital Development with intelligent methodologies that combine theoretical and practical training  powered by Swiss hospitality Company,

one of the best hospitality companies in Saudi Arabia.

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What People Are Saying

Mr. Thomas, Industry Professional

Thank you so much for giving an opportunity to attend the training; It was a fantastic training and not as a classroom speech. Really enjoyed and it was interactive too. Always inform me whenever you have these kind of sessions.

Ms. Salim, Job Seeker

I benefited very, very much and became satisfied with myself because of the positivity I learned from the trainer & the workshop. Thank you for your support, and the coaches were really positive, cooperative and smiling.

Mr. Albana, Hospitality Trainer

Through my training career, which is estimated by more than twenty years, I have not seen such passion, determination and explosive energy in our trainees as this important stage, which increases our confidence and determination that we will achieve so much and nothing will stop us.